UPSAHL is in her good girl era, or is she? The Phoenix based singer, songwriter and producer is about to kick off the second leg of her “This Is My First Headline Tour”, and she’s also beginning a new project aptly titled “UPSAHL PRESENTS: THE PHX TAPES” where she’s going to regularly share two new songs simultaneously. And she’s got that first taste of what’s to come for us with VOL 1.

“GOOD GIRL ERA (SIDE A)” is classic UPSAHL. The DNA of the song is full of energy, wit, confidence and is topped by a punchy hook that will be immediately stuck in your head. Sonically it could live in the worlds of her previous body’s of work “Lady Jesus” or “Sagittarius” as it has the same boisterous energy that has made so many people around the world fall in love with her, her songwriting, and her production. This track captures her trying to turn a page and do healthy things to help herself, but instead always giving into temptation to be in her villain era, and we stan. “I’m in my good girl еra, but I still feel bad. I’ma kill this bitch to get the chaos back. So give me pleasure, give me pain, and give it to me fast. Because I’m bad at being good, and now I’m over it”. She sings.” 

The song is paired with “CONDOMS (SIDE B)” which is a track shy of 2 minutes, but doesn’t lack in giving you a big sonical punch. Beginning with an acapella delivery, the song transforms into this big experimental pop track which feels like sonical whiplash in the best way possible. The song carries one of her best lyrics yet to describe grief and the attempt to move on – which I will leave you to think about. “What a way to cover up a scar. I fill the space with empty sex. And wrap a billion condoms ’round my heart”.