SINGLE REVIEW: Rachel Chinouriri – Ribs

Rachel Chinouriri is a name you might have started to hear more and more, and rightfully so. The English singer-songwriter is quickly becoming one of the most buzzed about acts, and she has just dropped what is hands down her best release yet. “Ribs” is a future anthem, and one that has the power to literally define her as one of the biggest breakout artists of 2023. And I promise I’m not being dramatic. I actually mean it when I saw this song is flawless, and an exciting listen from start to finish. 

Written about the parallels between having a crush on someone, and having a chest infection, she finds comparisons of both of them getting under her skin and pushing on her ribs and making it hard for her to breathe. A genius parallel, and one that inspires some really cool lyrical moments. 

Opening the song with; “In my head, in my bones, I was happy on my own. Now I’m lost in confusion. Can’t believe what you did, You got underneath my ribs. Now I dance in delusion” – she sets the tone of being blindsighted by the symptoms. She then steers into the angsty pop-rock fuelled chorus where she gives into the feeling and lets all the symptoms take over. “Can’t stop thinking of you. Whatever I do. It’s like an infection in my chest. Because of you I’m practically losing all my breath” she sings. 

From the very first listen you will be mesmerised by the songwriting, and the punchy delivery that she offers with this song, while also ready to proclaim Rachel Chinouriri as one of your favourite new artists.