SINGLE REVIEW: Aly & AJ – Don’t Need Nothing

Aly & AJ are ready to share with the world their growth as artists as they steer towards their highly anticipated fourth studio album which is slated for a May 7 release. Exploring their sound and songwriting, the dynamic sister duo have really honed a genuine vision that hears them experimenting with a dreamier atmospheric synth production that elevates their already established guitar-pop roots. This record will be their first full length LP in 14 years, and following in the footsteps of their singles ‘Slow Dancing’, ‘Listen!!!’, ‘Pretty Places’ and ‘Symptoms Of Your Touch’ is one of their strongest singles to date.

‘Don’t Need Nothing’ is an atmospheric leaning track that feels like the perfect live show opening. With the gradual build in production, the song echoes with slightly echoed vocals before a pulsating drum beat and prominent guitar riff ignites a radiating hook. Each beat hits you like a flashing ray of light, and has this kick of energy that is immediately infectious. You can’t help but sport a goofy ear-to-ear smile while listening to it, which definitely seems like their goal with this track and record. 

With the catchy line “A touch of the beat gets you up on your feet, gets you out and then into the sun” immediately getting stuck in your head, it’s very convenient because it’s also the title of their forthcoming record. Capturing that radiating warmth from the sun, this song also feels like the perfect road trip anthem. It’s meant to be appreciated in the direct sun rays with a fresh breeze hitting you in the face. And after you incorporate it into your day-to-day life, you can then expect to see it euphorically transported into the live realm where it will take on a whole new life.