For their third studio album ‘Love Is Dead’, CHRVCHES leaned into a heavier pop sound that heard them tapping some commercially inclined references. Since then they’ve been looking at getting even bolder as they turned to collaborating with Marshmello and started working on their highly anticipated fourth studio album. The explosive ‘He Said She Said’ is the first taste of what is to come from this new chapter, and it’s fiery.

Opening with a 20 second atmospheric explosion of synths, Lauren Mayberry’s signature vocals ooze through the first verse and immediately give you that signature CHURCHES sonical identity. Building up to the explosive chorus, big drums and synths really define that bold pop sound they wanted to hone. 

Exploring toxic relationships, this song details the manipulative power that some people pull in relationships to have a control on the other person. With hurtful comments and actions made to have that fix, this song will be a cathartic release for a lot of people who have been under the control or hold of someone else for too long. “He said, “you need to be fеd, but keep an eye on your waistline” and “Look good, but don’t bе obsessed” Mayberry sings during the chorus. 

‘Clearest Blue’, ’Keep You On My Side’ and ‘Leave A Trace’ are still some of CHVRCHES’ best songs to date, and ‘He Said She Said’ tries to replicate that boldness. It may not hit that particular level, but it’s close enough to have you excited to hear where else they’re going to take you sonically and emotionally.