ASHWARYA is on the trajectory to become an international superstar, and if you’ve been following her journey to date then you’ll understand why. Bursting out of the gate with the hypnotic ‘PSYCHO HOLE’, she has kept the energy high with the explosive follow up singles ‘BIRYANI’ and ‘COMIN@ME’. With her debut EP ‘Nocturnal Hours’ slated for a June 10 release, the Melbourne based singer-songwriter is ready to continue serving experimentally charged tracks that have a glimmer of pop polish shinning right through them. 

‘TO THE NIGHT’ is one of her most ambitious releases yet with its melodic pop hook intertwining with a pulsating hip-hop infused beat. There’s a clean-cut edge to the hook that is contrasted by the off-beat adjacent production that filters through the verses and helps make it a real moment within itself. And then you add Vic Mensa into the mix for a verse and he brings this undeniable energy with him and world class songwriting that is equaled to what ASHWARYA is delivering on her own. They sonically play with light and shade reminiscent of The Weeknd’s recent material which compliments the songs lyrical vision perfectly. 

The dark-pop track explores taking control of your own narrative and owning your truth after being held back for so long. “I’m gonna step into the light. I’m gonna step into the night” she sings in the relatable hook. 

‘TO THE NIGHT’ has HIT written all over it, and after listening to it for the first time you’ll be ready to hear it on heavy rotation as she begins to take over the world.