SINGLE REVIEW: Justin Bieber – Hold On

Sometimes all we need is some reassurance that everything is going to be okay with a message of light, empowerment and support that will help us fight through the demons that try to weigh us down in darkness. And that is what Justin Bieber has explored on his hopeful new single ‘Hold On’. 

Taken from his forthcoming sixth studio album ‘Justice’ which will be released on March 19, he’s delivered another captivating pop track that follows in the footsteps of the flawless ‘Anyone’. After the absolute flop status of ‘Changes’ he’s rediscovered his pop roots and reinterpreted his mature exploration. ‘Justice’ is quickly shaping up to be the exciting 2.0 of ‘Journals’ which is easily Bieber’s most underrated record to date. It was ahead of its time and was a bold introduction to the soundscapes he wanted to mature into. From there ‘Purpose’ happened which was his huge moment of pop meets RNB stardom, and now ‘Justice’ is ready to continue that after the little hiccup of ‘Changes’ just didn’t connect. 

Interpolating Gotye’s mega 2010 hit ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’, this song has a distinctive groove that rhythmically navigates the peaks and valleys throughout its 2.50 minute duration. It doesn’t sacrifice his RNB sound that he is so passionate about, but there is a pop polish which brings real instrumentation into the mix. And also his vocals sound FIRE throughout the entire thing. 

Bringing a message of hope, he brings light to the people that may be clouded in darkness and reminds them that he will always be there. “I need you to hold on. Heaven is a place not too far away. We all know I should be the one to say we all make mistakes” he sings during the chorus. 

‘Hold On’ is another strong and diverse moment from Justin Bieber that makes up for the monotonous record that was ‘Changes’, and will have you increasingly excited for ‘Justice’ next week.