LIVE REVIEW: Crooked Colours – Fortitude Music Hall

Just standing in a big sold out venue like Fortitude Music Hall feels like a huge privilege in these current times. But seeing an electronic act where you can dance in a mosh pitt… that’s a whole other type of euphoria. With three Brisbane shows, Crooked Colours brought a sense of normality with an electric show that celebrated unity. 

With I.E opening the Friday night festivities, he warmed the crowd up and got them slowly dancing through his energetic hip-hop set. Switching up the vibe Set Mo brought a slinky electronic sound that acted as the perfect segue into the upcoming headliner set. There were a lot of moments of singalong’s and euphoric dancing to their bangers like ‘I Belong Here’ and ‘White Dress’. 

With the buzzing of synths and moody lighting welcoming Crooked Colours onto the stage, the sold out Fortitude Music Hall was immediately transported to an underground rave. Opening the show with ‘Just Breathe’, they didn’t waste time in setting the mood and creating a pulsating aesthetic through their production and setlist. Songs like ‘Hold On’, ‘Love Language’, ‘Falling’, ‘Heart String’ and ‘Come Back to You’ ignited the singalong’s and had the drinks spilling while everyone was euphorically dancing. 

The Friday and Saturday night crowds got a little surprise with special guest Eves Karydas making an appearance to sing ‘Never Dance Alone’ with the Perth trio. Her time on stage was brief, but the crowd were absolutely ecstatic the moment she stepped foot into the lights. 

Announcing that they are releasing a new single next week called ‘No Sleep’, they premiered the dark and brooding dance track to the crowd and it’s safe to say it’s a bit of a banger. With fan favourites ‘Do It Like You’, ‘I’ll Be There’ and ‘Perfect Run’ tieing the set together, they gave the Brisbane crowd a 70 minute set of pure euphoric vibes and a sense of unity during this time of unknown. 

Check out the full gallery captured by Tayla Sudall Photography BELOW;

Photos by Tayla Sudall