SINGLE REVIEW: Montaigne – Technicolour

With the cancellation of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, Montaigne was no longer able to represent Australia with her empowering entry ‘Don’t Break Me’. It was a moment of utter disappointment as the thought of seeing her on the global stage showcasing her insane vocals and theatrical take on pop was going to be a moment within itself. Luckily for her (and for us) she was given a second chance by SBS when they announced her as the Australian 2021 candidate. And it was double lucky as she was able to release her boldest, and most colourful release yet which acts as the perfect anthem for this competition. 

‘Technicolour’ is an immaculate top-tier pop song that immediately impresses with its innovative production that takes you on a vivid sonical journey throughout its 2.49 minute duration. Beginning with an alt-pop influenced synth aesthetic intertwined by a simple guitar riff, she offers a taste of classic Montaigne. But then she switches it up as she heads into the pre-chorus with a K-Pop inspired twist. Punching you with “But I got power, yeah. Midnight is the hour, yeah. Time to take off your cloaks”, you’re suddenly drawn in further and find yourself questioning where this song is going. She then slides into the euphoric hook which is so warm and celebratory, and it becomes this glittery moment of release. But that’s not where it ends, no. As she enters the final chorus there is a key change which gives an injection of 80’s pop realness, and a freeing climax from all the experimentation that guides this song. 

Celebrating unity and the power of vulnerability, ‘Technicolour’ is an exploration of being able to be authentically yourself without any worries of being told that she cant be. It encourages people to stand together and support one another through times of confusion and pain. It also grapples onto the power we all have within ourselves to do whatever we set our minds to which is an important key to unlock. “I wanna be close to my mother. I wanna belong to the world. A mirror that shows technicolour. I’d be a magnificent girl” she sings during during the opening moments of the song before later professing “If we stand together we can do whatever”. 

From start to finish it is a very exciting and innovative listen that pushes boundaries and gives you a very theatrical pop eargasm. I found myself already excitingly imagining how she is going to bring it to life vividly on the Eurovision Song Contest stage, and something tells me it’s going to be one you won’t forget.