SINGLE REVIEW: Brandon Colbein – Mean To Me

Behind the scenes Brandon Colbein has become a well respected songwriter who has penned songs with the likes of Zayn, JoJo, Liam Payne, Bea Miller, Hayley Kiyoko and Terror Jr. But he’s also crossed over into the spotlight with his own solo music that has already exceeded 7.4 million streams on Spotify alone. 

The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter has to date given listeners a kaleidoscope of emotions with the playful ‘I.D.C.A.L’ , the self reflective ’Mess’, the heartbreak filled ‘Mad’ and the romantic ‘So Bad’. Joining those songs is one of his strongest releases yet, ‘Mean To Me’. The powerful pop track is an emotionally heavy reflection on a toxic relationship, and it seriously hits your soul deeply. 

“It seems I’d play any game, anyway that you want. Id take all the weight, all the pain that you cause. Without you I know I’d probably be lost, so lost” he admits during the pre-chorus as he realises the toxicity he’s enabling that leads into the chorus which circles around the sentiment, “You know I let you been mean to me cause of what you to me”.

But it’s the next verse that stands out as he becomes more self-aware and gives you the emotional line; “I hate it but Id rather have you then have you be replaced. I know I shouldn’t take it cause it doesn’t make sense how my worst is your best”. 

Contrasting the emotional delivery of the lyrics, the production begins vulnerable with the simple piano keys intertwining with his vocals, but then it transforms into this bold and self-assure anthem with brooding and strong beats. The production is sonically reminiscent of Greyson Chance’s recent material, and with it’s soulful foundations it really highlights Colbein’s strong vocals. 

‘Mean To Me’ is a very special moment for Brandon Colbein, and is one that will immediately captivate you and have you wanting to discover the rest of his recent releases.