SINGLE REVIEW: Astrid S – It’s Ok If You Forget Me

Through the release of four beautifully intimate and ear-worm filled EP’s, Astrid S is finally ready to deliver her debut album to the world. ‘Leave It Beautiful’ will be released on October 16 and follows in the footsteps of recent singles ‘Dance Dance Dance’ and ‘Marilyn Monroe’. Coinciding with the announcement, the Norwegian singer-songwriter has also dropped the vulnerable new single ‘It’s Ok If You Forget Me’.

The mature pop ballad is a refreshing look at a break-up. Reflecting on a three year relationship that ended seemingly overnight, she mourns it but questions why she isn’t upset, jealous or going through the emotions like she expected. Instead she’s feeling calm, content, grateful for their time, but is also feeling a little confused as to why she’s reacting like this. 

“Is it normal that I don’t feel sorry for myself? Care if your hands touch somebody else? Wouldn’t get jealous if you’re happy. It’s okay if you forget me. I don’t feel empty now that you’re gone. Does that mean it didn’t mean nothing at all? But I’ll tell you what the worst is, It’s the way it doesn’t hurt when I wish it did” she emotively sings during the chorus. 

We are so used to hearing break-up songs that are so heavily cemented in the heartbreak stages, or are proudly waving the “fuck you” and angst flag. So it’s nice to hear a perspective that is totally different and explores not feeling sad but wishing that she did as the relationship did mean a lot to her. 

The production is super simple and allows the lyrical exploration to sit centre stage. With an acoustic guitar base, this beautiful song shares a mature side of her artistry with listeners and compliments her growth that has been captured through each EP.