SINGLE REVIEW: flowerkid – miss andry

After introducing himself to the world in 2018 with ‘Late Night Therapy’ and ‘boy with the winfields and the wild heart’, flowerkid is revelling in the aftermath of signing some huge label deals which include now being represented by Billie Eilish’s management in the US and Canada. With the beginning of this new chapter, the Sydney based singer-songwriter has dropped his exciting new single ‘miss andry’. 

With the lyrical foundations deeply rooted in a hatred and distrust for men that developed at an early age, it unravels Flowerkid’s (aka Flynn Sant) exploration into his own identity. Questioning why he hated men, and why he also had a jealousy towards them, he embraced the fact that he is transgender and turned his negative thoughts towards the men that hurt him, and not all men in general. It’s a very powerful and emotionally captivating song that will have you feeling every word and emotion that falls out of his mouth. 

“A smile so cruel, and the smell of his cologne, could put me in a trance where his blood was on my hands” he emotively sings during the second verse while the chorus shatters your heart with the lyrics; “Oh, I never hated you, I don’t even hate them, I just hate myself”. 

The production comfortably sits in this nostalgic and brooding sonical world that is amplified through distorted piano, a rhythmic guitar riff and a syncopated drum beat. It allows his vocal and lyrical delivery to take centre stage because that is truly the centre piece of this song. 

From the very first listen, the emotionally raw essence of this song will captivate you and have you right there next to him while you watch his personal reflection play out in front of you. It’s vivid, transcendent and beautiful.