SINGLE REVIEW: Hein Cooper – Fear Of Missing Out

Providing another cinematic soundscape, Hein Cooper returns with the third single from his forthcoming sophomore studio album. ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ is a reflective and soothing track that takes on the important task of explaining that sometimes everything is not what it seems. And in his case he spent so long drinking and smoking that he inevitably was hungover in so many places all over the world and missing out on life experiences because he was trying to numb past ones. “I’ve been chasing after the high, afraid that if I let it go I wont feel alive. Lately all I’ve done is more damage and nothing’s really turned out the way I imagined”. he questions everything that he’s missed out on and if it’s even worth it anymore. “I think I’ve finally had enough but I still feel like getting up”. It’s a therapeutic track that gradually soars and takes on a unique journey of it’s own through its sonical sphere of highs and lows. He doesn’t compromise his already established acoustic pop-rock sound and continues to give you smooth harmonies and vulnerable lyrics. This is a very strong track that will instantly have you diving into your vulnerabilities and re-accessing your own fear of missing out syndrome.