SINGLE REVIEW: Zayn feat. Nicki Minaj – No Candle, Not Light 

At this point I’m convinced that Zayn is never going to actually release his sophomore studio album and instead is just going to continue to release singles. And I mean, that’s not an awful thing. It also means that he can continue to experiment and genuinely create music that is honest and real to him as an artist without worry about consistency. ‘No Candle, No Light’ is the sixth song he has released this year and hears him stepping toward the spotlight with a new sound. It’s bouncier, groovier and tackles a polished hip-hop meets pop beat. However the song loses me pretty early on with it’s lacklustre and average sound. It’s just nothing visionary, and with these two incredible vocalists and artists, I did expect something more. I wanted an injection of good energy and personality that the song didn’t have and in the end it turned out sounding like a demo that they copied and pasted from Soundcloud. So maybe he should go back to the RNB, pop ballad anthems we know him for.