SINGLE REVIEW: Alessia Cara – Not Today

With only under two weeks until the release of her sophomore studio album ‘The Pains Of Growing’, Alessia Cara has delivered another honest, vulnerable and pure track to get you a little excited. ‘Not Today’ is by far the strongest of her promotional tracks for this new record and explores a more soulful approach to her vocal delivery. Reflecting on the hardships that follow a break up she realises that it is okay to bask in that sadness for a little while and soak in all of the emotions. Because at the end of the day, we are all valid to feel that way after losing someone that we loved. And she does just that. “Oh, you don’t know what sadness means til you’re too sad to fall asleep. One day I’ll be snoozing peacefully, but surely not today”. It has this pure honesty that will break your heart into two but also heal it back together with a hyper understanding of the emotional layering of our sometimes hidden feelings. The song falls into the contemporary pop and RNB category with soulful elements that elevates the tracks authentic feeling. She hones the emotions and manifests this sadness that turns into power and growth. Because not all sadness needs to stay that way. We can grow and adapt from it and that’s what she uses this song as a platform for. It’s by far the strongest representation of the album and overall feeling she wants to create so far and honestly should’ve been the lead single over the slightly predictable ‘Growing Pains’.