SINGLE REVIEW: Ashley Tisdale – Voices In My Head

Okay let’s be real for a second, if you didn’t love Ashley Tisdale’s debut album in 2007 can you even call yourself a pop fan? Thanks to her breakthrough role as Sharpay Evans in High School Musical, she delivered a mix of slick and angsty pop songs on her records ‘Headstrong’ and ‘Guilty Pleasure’. Taking a 9 year hiatus from music she dived into acting, producing and YouTube videos whilst still teasing the possibility of a third studio album. 2019 will see the singer-songwriter finally releasing her long awaited record ‘Symptoms’ and she has just dropped the first single which hears her revisiting her pop roots. ‘Voices In My Head’ experiments with a bit of a indie-pop delivery that introduces a mature sound to her music. Obviously over time she has grown up, got married and experienced life a little further so it’s to be expected that she’s no longer doing cheesy pop music. And this single impresses with a lyrical delivery that is deep, honest and intriguing. It explores the deep thoughts of anxiety and mental health and trying to talk yourself out of the downward spiral that a lot of people go down. “All the voices in my head always try to break me, fuck me up and change me. But talk is cheap. This is the last time I listen to the voices in my head”. She soothingly harmonises over the groovy guitar riff and alternative pop beat that drives the chorus. Whilst this is the most mature and honest we have heard Tisdale, there is still a strong pop focus that her longterm fans will still quickly connect with. This is a strong pop comeback that shows a lot of growth and potential for her.