SINGLE REVIEW: Washington – Claws

It’s been over a year since Washington premiered a whole set of new material at BigSound and I was beginning to question if we would ever get to hear more of that new music. After reimagining her new sound she has finally returned with the lead single from her forthcoming third studio album. ‘Claws’ is a gorgeously penned indie-pop moment that is driven by minimalist pop synths that have a slick 80’s layer to them. The production takes inspiration from her last record but really does push the synth boundaries with a polished laid back sound that uplifts everything else sonically. The minimalist production grows on you with each listen and the euphoric vibe of the chorus will have your feet tapping and your head bopping along. It explores the fine line between desire and danger which we all have questioned before. It has this really romantic side to it that will have your emotions heightened and reminiscing over past experiences. “You know that it’s real when it hurts”. This is a very slick and sweet return for Washington that will hopefully see a full length album and a string of live shows following soon.