SINGLE REVIEW: Cheryl – Love Made Me Do It

It’s been 4 years since Cheryl Cole last released music and in that time she’s had a baby with Liam Payne, returned as a judge on The X Factor and has been laying low working on her fifth studio album. The lead single ‘Love Made Me Do It’ is a cute little pop bop that has a slight urban influenced beat which her music has always contributed. However compared to her previous lead singles this is probably one of her weaker ones. After a few listens it will grow on you and will have you grooving along. But it’s no ‘Crazy Stupid Love’. It’s just a little basic for her and after such a long wait I expected something a little edgier and bolder. However, lyrically she smashes it out with one of the most honest delivered we’ve heard from her in a long time. She shades a lot of her exes and gives you pure sass with some heartfelt emotion. From the playful confessing of “Oh my god, I’m such a sucker. I fall in love with every fucker” to the very honest “Shoulda used my head cause my heart really blew it” you will be really feeling every word. i just wish the production was bolder because this song has a lot of potential to be one of the pop songs of the year. But it was just a little…average?