SINGLE REVIEW: Maisie Peters – Details

Heartbreak is a powerful and confronting thing. It can either break you as a person and scare you from ever feeling that vulnerable again or it can inspire you to learn from your mistakes and continually grow as you navigate your way through life. As an artist, it can also creatively inspire you to create some of the most vulnerable and intimate pieces of work you’ve ever done. And that’s what it’s done for UK singer-songwriter Maisie Peters. Following the beautifully heartbreaking ‘In My Head’ she has dropped the second track form her upcoming debut EP which is another intimate affair. ‘Details’ reflects on the end of a relationship which has seen the other significant person moving on quickly whilst you are left in the aftermath trying to pick up the broken pieces. They are supposedly happy in a new relationship but you don’t want to hear about it, you don’t want to see it and you don’t want to try to still be friends and be involved. It doesn’t make you bitter, it just makes you human as you are trying to process you’re own heartbreak and feelings. “But I don’t wanna talk about it cause if I talk about it then you’ll see I don’t, no I don’t know what to do about it. What to do about this feeling that I don’t want. But I’ll keep it all to myself, if you spare me the details”.

Beginning with a simple “1,2,3” count in, this guitar ballad soars through the intimate plucking of her guitar strings whilst a simple array of piano and strings are added through the second half of the track to highlight the emotional storyline. Its a very simple and beautiful song that you can’t help but just fall in love with instantly. Because, if you’ve ever been heartbroken you will be able to immediately empathise and resonate with these feelings. The most vulnerable moment of the track comes from one of the final confessionals which will have your chest tightening as you feel every word. “Look, I don’t think I want you to myself. But I know I don’t want you with anybody else. Don’t think you want to hear that either”. 

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