SINGLE REVIEW: Mariah Carey feat Ty Dolla $ign – The Distance

Following the announcement of her fifteenth studio album ‘Caution’, the ultimate diva that you can’t help but love has dropped a new single to get you vibing. ‘The Distance’ hears Mariah Carey further exploring the RNB elements that her last couple of albums have headed towards whilst still offering a shiny pop polish. This refreshed sound really suits her vocal strengths and modernises the iconic sound she cemented early on in her career. The low tempo vibe cruises through a polished array of RNB beats whilst she harmonises over them with a loved up storyline. She details a public relationship that people continued to scrutinise and question the legitimacy of whilst proving to them that their love is real. “Said we couldn’t go the distance. Ah, Look at us, we’re going the distance. They just wanna be us, they don’t wanna see us going the distance”. It’s an empowering and feel good love track that is super chill and easy to listen to. It’s not an instant classic nor is it something you are going to have stuck in your head for hours but it is something that shows her continued strength in storytelling. And surprisingly even Ty Dolla $ign’s verse isn’t as annoying or unnecessary like his usual features are. So that’s a nice change.