SINGLE REVIEW: Openside – Work Out

Within the opening fade out of the chorus “It’s never gonna work out, It’s never ever ever gonna work out” you instantly know that this song is going to be a groovy little moment. ‘Work Out’ is the third track from Openside’s new project ‘Episode One: Character Flaws’. The New Zealand pop-rock outfit deliver a groovy array of synths that take their usual gritty sound and inject a funky and polished layer. The new sound hears them going towards a delivery that reminds me of UK band Fickle Friends whose debut album offered a similar infectious vibe. In-between the groovy production the song hears lead singer Possum Plows questioning why she falls in love so easily only to constantly get hurt. She realises in the early stages of the relationship that she knows it’s not going to work out but she continues to put herself through it because of a glimmer of hope. “It’s a little like a game, it’s a little like a chase. I don’t know if I could go without it, though. You try to cool it then, but I turn it up instead”. It’s a relatable and honest storyline that is truly highlighted by it’s infectious and funky vibes. It’s a fun track that you will instantly start vibing and dancing along to and will perfectly fit into their bright live show.