EP REVIEW: DNCE – People To People


Ever since the release of their debut self-titled album, DNCE have been a little quiet on the release front. The bold foursome have released a couple of singles and collaborations along the way but haven’t really hinted when we would hear another full body of work. Instead they’ve decided to just surprise release a new EP and give you a more chilled out collection of tracks. ‘People To People’ hears them being a little less chaotic and delivering smoother harmonies and sadly it’s a little hit and miss. Opening track ‘TV In The Morning’ is the grooviest track on the collection and is also the closest to what you would expect from them. It’s still very sedated compared to their previous material and is a lot more croon worthy instead of run up the wall guitar riffs and radio-ready hooks. I’m not saying that they have to do that every time but I did expect some big singalongs as that’s what they’ve become known for but this EP lacked that spark majorly. ‘Lose My Cool’ and ‘Man On Fire’ are very experimental and are ultimately forgettable. However ‘Still Good’ stands out slightly more than the rest with its reflective and sweet lyrics of always being there for someone no matter what you go through together. “Darling I remember the first time I met ya. We’re still good together even on our worst night’. The production is very simple but it works because this song is vulnerable and meant to be a little more heartfelt compared to their usual chaotic sound. Joe Jonas’ vocals are great as always and sound even better a little experimental and more croon-worthy but not even that could make me forget how disappointing these songs are. 




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