EP REVIEW: Betty Who – Betty Pt.1


2018 is going to be known as the rebirth of Betty Who. In January the singer-songwriter left her major record label to go independent so she could release music again as freely and creatively as she wanted. So far she has released three very unique and catchy singles that perfectly capture who she is as an artist. ‘Ignore Me’ is an emotional driven indie-pop track that has a slick synth polish while ‘Look Back’ is a gritty stomper full of sass and the seductive ‘Taste’ is a sexy anthem. On the back of her performance at Firefly she has released her new EP ‘Betty PT.1’ which is the first part of her upcoming third studio album. The five track EP compiles the three singles as well as two new synth-pop tracks. EP opener ‘Just Thought You Should Know’ is classic Betty Who with it’s simple indie-pop production and synth glow that sounds like it could have been taken off her early EP’s or debut album. Its full of emotion and it confronts the realisation that you’re still in love with your ex and not being able to move on. “Cause I can still feel you, you’re everywhere. I can taste your lips, hear your voice in my head. And I know that I should shut my mouth and just hang up the phone. But I still want you, I just thought you should know”. It’s very sweet and will have you instantly feeling all the feels and reminiscing about your previous relationships or friends that you wish you still had in your life. The production is quite simple but it works so well with its nostalgic 80’s synth delivery. The other new song ‘Friend Like Me’ is an acoustic track that looks at always being there for someone no matter what. It’s another sweet pop moment but it’s also a very rare raw moment as we’ve haven’t really heard Betty before on studio recordings with only an acoustic guitar. It’s very genuine, honest and a perfect way to close this eclectic EP. She proves once again that she is a force to be reckoned with. 






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