LIVE REVIEW: Wild Nights featuring Cascada – Eatons Hill


Nostalgia is in at the moment. Everyone wants to escape their day-to-day lives and relive some of their most colourful and vivid memories regardless if they are a little reckless, a little adventurous or free spirited. So it’s no surprise that throwback music events are currently the in-trend because these shows are full of celebration, memories and are always guaranteed fun nights out. ‘The Wild Nights Tour’ sees a line up of some of the hottest ‘Wild’ superstars on stage including Cascada, DJ Sash, DJ Aligator, N-Trance, Simone Denny from Love Inc and Nick Skitz. This epic line up of electronic favourites kicked of their national tour in Brisbane with a massive show at the Eatons Hill Hotel which saw a variety of people come together to celebrate their love of dance music. 

As N-Trance came onto the stage the crowd was ready to dance but their shaky start with a couple of pitch issues had the crowd a little unsure. However the UK duo redeemed themselves with energetic performances of their hit singles ‘Set You Free’ and ‘Stayin Alive’ which had the crowd all warmed up for DJ Alligator’s bouncy set. As the Denmark producer made his way through tracks like ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Fly High’ it was obvious what song they were all waiting for with whistles blowing continuously throughout his set. As he thanked the crowd for coming along to watch him he introduced his breakthrough single ‘The Whistle Song’ which had the crowd absolutely losing their mind. With quick transitions between acts the artists kept flying out which maintained the nightclub vibe that Nick Skitz set at the start of the night. The original Love Inc lead singer Simone Denny was next and impressed with one of the standout performances of the evening. Her vibrant personality shined through her brief set and had the crowd quickly singing along to ‘You’re A Superstar’ and ‘Broken Bones’. She welcomed four excited audience members on stage to dance to ‘Broken Bones’ and a second encore performance of ‘You’re A Superstar’ which was really wholesome and a lot of fun to watch. Her interaction with the crowd was genuine and had your attention locked on her the whole time. With the show’s pace constantly growing German producer DJ Sash! had the crowd working up a sweat to ‘Encore Une Fols’ and ‘Ecuador” but his set seemed really short lived and could have been extended a little longer to create a bigger nightclub vibe. 

But lets be honest, there was one artist in particular that everyone was buzzing to see and that was Cascada. This tour marks the first time that the German singer-songwriter has ever been to Australia and she wasn’t planning on mucking around with a highly energetic set full of massive  singalongs, a lot of dancing and bursts of CO’2 canyons. After a brief video introduction she strutted onto the stage to the opening lines of ‘Miracle’ that instantly set the party mood. She then dived straight into the epic hits ‘Evacuate The Dancefloor’ and ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ which had everyone in the venue bouncing up and down screaming the lyrics and transported back to a nightclub in the mid 2000’s. She excitingly thanked the crowd for singing along so passionately and confessed that she was really nervous as it was her first Australian show. She continued her set with ‘Bad Boy’, ‘What Hurts The Most’, ’How Do You Do’, and ‘The Rhythm Of The Night’ before acapella introducing ‘Everytime We Touch’ which is still one of the most played songs in nightclubs worldwide. The vibe in that moment was purely euphoric because as you looked around the venue every single person had the biggest smile on their face whilst singing along so passionately. As she said goodnight to the ecstatic crowd she resurfaced to play one more song and closed her set with fan favourite ‘Because The Night’. For her first tour of Australia her set seemed a little short and saw her skip favourites like ‘Fever’, ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Glorious’ which was a little disappointing. But one thing that needs to be commended on is her impressive vocal range because throughout the set she would belt out some of the notes and add in some vocal ad-libs which were so impressive and strong. Cascada is one of the original club favourites and 13 years later she still is. 

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Photos by Blake Lewis


Remaining Wild Nights Tour Dates

Thursday 21 June – HQ Complex, Adelaide

Friday 22 June – Trak Lounge, Melbourne

Saturday 23 June – Metro City, Perth




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