SINGLE REVIEW: Greyson Chance – Good As Gold


Sometimes it can be hard to believe in yourself or remember that life works in mysterious ways. All we need is a supportive group of people to bring us up when we feel down and remind us that we are strong and doing the right thing and that’s what Greyson Chance’s new single is all about. ‘Good As Gold’ serves as a reminder to himself that he is good as gold and that he can do this. It’s an uplifting and empowering track which is dedicated to the family and friends that are in his life and have stood by him through the highs and lows and are always there to catch him. It’s a very sweet and reflective track that continues the mature and emotional sound that his last single ‘Low’ introduced. He’s no longer the pre-teen singer-songwriter we were first introduced to on YouTube and is a very mature 20 year old who is opening up to the world again. This soulful ballad begins with a simple piano accompaniment that grows by adding in a hand clap beat that transforms this song into a gospel inspired moment. You will be swept up into the storyline and emotion of this song and feel all the feelings. “I know you’re hurting and you’re feeling sold. I know it hurts when you don’t know where to go and when you’re tied up by the past you hold. You’ve got to know that you are good as gold”. It’s very empowering and is reminiscent to the likes of Sam Smith with the soulful vocals and production. But he’s not Sam Smith, he’s Greyson Chance and he’s someone you really need to re-discover because his raw talent is incredible.





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