SINGLE REVIEW: The Vamps – Just My Type


So apparently The Vamps are still a thing and have been continuing to sell out arenas all over the UK over the past couple of years which I’m quite surprised and impressed about. However there is no denying how messy their third studio album ‘Night & Day’ was. ‘All Night’ was a cliche electronic pop song that annoyingly took over mainstream radio and they were quite lucky because the rest of the album was confusing and heard them lose their edge. Unsurprisingly the four piece have returned to their original sound for their new single to try and redeem themselves. However ‘Just My Type’ may be better than their last album in general but it’s still not a great song. It’s a little cliche at best and hears them taking a lot of steps back to their adolescent inspired debut album which was cute but gimmicky. They’ve grown up a lot since then and their lyrics are a little more seductive and mature but the sound is still a bit try hard. This track looks at falling for a girl but she’s not interested in him because she keeps falling for the wrong people. Could this storyline be any more cliche? I think not. “She lets me down then gets me high. Oh I don’t know why, she’s just my type”. In a time where massive artists like Shawn Mendes are using gender neutral pro-nouns to be inclusive to everyone in their songs this track just seems a bit gimmicky and disappointing. Its as if they’ve realised their new sound wasn’t working so they’ve gone back to the studio to write a generic pop song that is “guaranteed” radio play however I think the world has moved on. 




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