SINGLE REVIEW: Nicki Minaj feat. Ariana Grande – Bed


In the lead up to the release of her fourth studio album ‘Queen’ Nicki Minaj has been struggling to get her hands on a massive hit. However her luck may be changing with the release of her collaboration with Ariana Grande. ‘Bed’ has the word hit written all over it. The sexually driven RNB track hears these two very different artists owning their versatile sounds and fusing them together for a fiery three minutes. Ariana kicks the song off immediately with the catchy hook that hears her serenading her lover and reminding them that she’s waiting for them. “Got a bed with your name on it, with your name on it. Got a kiss with your name on it, with your name on it. Love me good, love me down, don’t turn me down”. It’s so passionate, seductive and has this empowering feel to it  that you can help but want to serenade someone in bed to this song. Nicki then jumps on this track to deliver three pure fire verses that hears her offering one of her best raps in years. Its strong, captivating, fun and will have you wanting to press replay immediately. The production is very slow jam RNB inspired and it works so well with the seductive vibe. It’s so sexually driven that even Nicki Minaj tweeted after its release asking “Ok who’s gonna play ‘Bed’ at their next dick appointment?”. Will you?  




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