SINGLE REVIEW: Missy Higgins – Futon Couch


It has been four years since we have had new music from Missy Higgins so it’s about time the true Australian indie-pop favourite releases something new. And I mean, talk about a comeback. Along with the new single the singer-songwriter has also announced she will be joining Ed Sheeran on his massive stadium tour of Australia in March. Can you imagine 45,000 people singing along to “Scar” in unison? Magical! But anyways, I digress. “Futon Couch” is quite different to anything she has released in the past and hears her heading towards a heavier pop focus. With her alternative roots still holding on she transforms her sound with a slick indie-pop polish that will have you wanting to spin around, dance and maybe even run through a field. The euphoric and romantic track recounts the first time she met her husband while she was sitting on a futon couch in her friends living room. The story is told perfectly and will have you gushing and feeling all giddy. “Oh, I feel I met you before. Something inside me is trying to remember a story Oh, I think I’ve loved you, I’ve loved you before. Something is tugging my sleeve like a secret whispered from the future”. The production is all euphoric which fittingly ties into the story while her vocals have never sounded so positive and bright before. This is a very exciting direction for the songstress and with the upcoming stadium shows I cant wait to hear just how she will take her uplift her sound to the next level.




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