SINGLE REVIEW: Marshmello feat. Anne Marie – Friends


Marshmello has been continuously dropping the bops and he’s done it once again. This time he has linked up with UK favourite Anne Marie for the fiesty tune “Friends”. This absolute banger explores a friendship where the guy is interested romantically but she doesn’t reciprocate those feelings back. And she’s pretty blunt with showing it too. “You say you love me, I say you crazy. We’re nothing more than friends”. She even then goes on to spell it out to him to make sure he really knows how she feels. “Haven’t I made it obvious? Haven’t I made it clear? Want me to spell it out for you? F-R-I-EN-D-S”. Talk about heartless. But it makes for a killer song and some big singalong moments. You will instantly have the hook stuck in your head and will be ready to let it all out on the dance floor. The production is quite different to anything Marshmello has produced before and it’s quite bold really. It has this big EDM polish but there is a gritty rock meets latin vibe that takes lead. Get ready to hear this friend zone anthem a lot.


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