SINGLE REVIEW: Noah Cyrus feat. MO – We Are…


Noah Cyrus has been a little quiet recently while she’s been putting the finishing touches on her debut album “NC-17” and touring America with Katy Perry but she’s finally ready to release another bop. This girl knows how to deliver a TUNE and “We Are…” is no exception. This bold and catchy explicit track will probably fail to receive much radio play due to it’s lyrics but that’s okay because it’s still a bonafide hit in our eyes. She teams up with Danish pop hitmaker MO to deliver the carefree and “no fucks given” vibe except the two have very similar vocal deliveries and techniques and you kind of lose whose actually singing in parts. But minus that small flaw the song is VERY good. It looks at the mistakes we make during our teenage years and it’s very relatable whether you’re reminiscing on your past or experiencing making those mistakes now. “They say it all gets better, they say it won’t last forever. Then someone pulls the trigger. We are fucked”. It continues the alternative synth pop approach her previous singles have lead and it’s very exciting hearing the bold pop artist she’s becoming. You can tell this is truly who she is as an artist and she’s not being a puppet to a bigger machine unlike the early days of her sister. So prepare for what is promised to be a massive debut album dropping very, very soon.