SINGLE REVIEW: Julia Michaels – Heaven


Julia Michaels is the next newcomer to join the “Fifty Shades Freed” soundtrack and to be honest I was very excited to hear what she cooked up for this blockbuster. Her haunting song “Heaven” mixes dark and moody synths with a seductive lullaby type vocal delivery. It’s very different and will leave the listener unsure after a first listen whether they like it or not. But what really captured my attention and made me press replay was the lyrics which really should have come by no surprise because Michaels is one of the best pop songwriters of right now. The track looks at falling for bad boys and not resenting it. “They say all good boys go to heaven but bad boys bring heaven to you”. It’s a song that continually grows on you and will most likely fit perfectly into the movie. I’m quite a fan of the minimalistic production because I can’t imagine it to have the same affect or even be slightly likeable with a big beat drop or glossy synths.



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