SINGLE REVIEW: R3HAB feat. Mike Williams – Lullaby


Dutch producer R3hab hasn’t really had any major mainstream breakthrough moments which is quite surprising. His collaboration with Havana Brown “Big Banana” peaked at number 1 on the US Club Charts as well as number 15 on the US Dance Charts but that’s about it. However his new single “Lullaby” with Mike Williams has the potential to really be that mainstream crossover song he needs. The dreamy love song fits in perfect with the current dance trends before unleashing a big beat drop post chorus that will be perfect in any club. “Keep me safe up in the clouds cause I can’t come raining down. Make the most and sleep in the night, sing your lu-lu-lu-lu-lullaby”. My only criticism is that he hasn’t credit the female vocal for the song but has credited the other male producer and I don’t think that’s fair or cool.






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  1. Please do tell me if anyone comes to know the know the name of the female singer in lullaby.

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