SINGLE REVIEW: Anja Kotar – How To Be Cool


I’m a sucker for wacky and innovative pop and Slovenian newcomer Anja Kotar is giving you just that. “How To Be Cool” pushes all the boundaries on what a pop song should sound like. The electronic production has stop and starting synths that come to life in the catchy hook which will have you wanting to break out every dance move you know. Her vocal delivery has her going from whispering lines to screeching them to beautiful high notes and pure pop deliveries. The versatility in one song is impressive and I can’t get enough of it. On a first listen I was like “this is very different” but I was super intrigued and by a second listen I was in love. What stands out the most is the DIY and experimental sound. It’s been created with no other influences or guidelines on how it needs to turn out. She’s just gone in and ended up creating something that doesn’t sound like anything else in the pop market at the moment. Her debut album “Nomad” follows the same formula and if you enjoy this track then “Eighteen” and ‘Happy Pill” are worth checking out as they are both unique pop moments. However the rest of the album is sadly questionable. She isn’t going to be everyone “cup of tea” but Anja Kotar is definitely going to intrigue the real pop lovers.


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  1. Interesting post. I’ve never heard of her but listened to whole album. I actually have to disagree with you – I think the poster child of California or theory of relativity are the strongest tracks on there… how to be cool was too experimental for me

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