SINGLE REVIEW: Ne-Yo – Another Love Song


To be honest I didn’t even know if Ne-Yo was still alive. His last couple of albums were released to a very lukewarm response and didn’t even make it on some peoples radars. However he has just dropped a new song and it’s not awful so that’s a start. “Another Love Song” sees him returning to his RNB pop formula and trying to score himself another top 10 hit. However while this song is catchy and has a groovy baseline it’s just nothing special. There are A LOT of great pop songs out at the moment so the bar is set high. It does grow on you after a couple listens and you will have your feet tapping almost instantly but it’s not a home-run moment like “So Sick” or “Let Me Love You”. If it came on my shuffle or played while I was out somewhere I wouldn’t turn it off but I don’t know if I would purposely go listen to it. But the proper question here is; I thought he was so sick of love songs?


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