EP REVIEW: Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe


It’s official, I’m obsessed with Sigrid. I called it back in February when I said she was one of the hottest newcomers of 2017 and that her debut single was the best debut I had heard in a long time. A massive call but a well deserving one and she’s continued to live up to that standard. She’s been slowly releasing tracks from her debut EP “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and she’s finally just released it in it’s entirety. I’m just going to start off with the negatives; with only four tracks its way too short and with the drip feed of singles there was only 1 “new” song to listen to. But that aside this Norwegian songstress has impressed and left me almost speechless. Opening the EP with title track “Don’t Kill My Vibe” it’s the vibey pop track that you’re probably already acquainted with but if you haven’t then you need to listen STAT. The production is quite similar to Banks’ new material and really focuses on her vocal delivery while hand claps and a bad ass melody revolves around it. “You think you’re so important to me, don’t you? Don’t kill my vibe”. Next up is the equally catchy “Plot Twist” that follows a similar rhythmic pop structure. I love the vocal production with her yelling “shots fired” over the bridge giving it a cool DIY feel. The track looks at finally getting over someone after a break up and let be honest, its just super relatable. “Fake Friends” is the only “new’ song in this collection and the quirky rhythmic production you’ve become used to is still present. The chorus is crazy catchy and her vocal production is so all over the place that you become intrigued and hooked. But this whole EP ends up revolving around the final track. “Dynamite” is the best song I’ve heard all year, hands down. It’s so emotional that not only did it make me cry on a first listen but also multiple times after. The arrangement is beautiful, simple and focuses on her emotional and raw vocal delivery. There is something about this track which is so strong and powerful that you could almost hear Adele performing it. “I don’t belong in your universe, for better or for worse”. // “Its so cold here cause I left my heart to be with you”. Your heart breaks with very word that falls out of her mouth but after a couple of listens the song becomes an empowerment and reflective track. But what this song perfectly does is show the diversity of Sigrid as an artist and confirms that she’s not going to be a one hit wonder. Her live performances have been electric and she’s slowly blowing up all over the world and my heart couldn’t be happier. So if you haven’t yet please discover Sigrid and get boogieing.




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