SINGLE REVIEW: Martin Garrix feat. Dua Lipa – Scared To Be Lonely


Martin Garrix was EDM’s hottest newcomer in 2013. His beat heavy EDM tracks topped the Dance charts and were quickly added to heavy rotation on the club circuit. Fast forward a few years and he’s matured and become a bit more ambitious. He’s going towards a pop/dance route which some would call a smart career move and others would call selling out. His collaboration with Bebe Rexha “In The Name Of Love” was highly praised and he’s ready to do it all over again with Britain’s biggest new export. Joining forces with Dua Lipa “Scared to Be Lonely” is a generic pop/dance track which could be “In The Name of Love”’s sister. If we hadn’t already had that song I would be praising the shit out of this track because as a standalone it’s brilliant. Dua’s vocals are superb, the lyrics are totally relatable, the beat breakdown is great and the chorus is big. However Martin Garrix has already used this structure. Actually, he’s pretty much already made this song before. While it is a bit predictable it’s also quite anti-climatic. I really wanted to love this song as I love both these artists but there are so many brilliant pop songs out at the moment that this one sadly becomes forgettable.


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