SINGLE REVIEW: Lauren Giraldo – Only Lovers


If you’re an avid social media user then you are probably familiar with the name Lauren Giraldo. Whether you follow her on Twitter or Instagram or often mistake her for the member of Fifth Harmony with a similar name then you may be aware that she was launching a music career. Her debut single “Only Lovers” is a bold attempt to make an impact on the music industry. But with some insanely good pop songs out at the moment this song sadly floats in forgettable territory. The production is very similar to Bridgit Mendler’s recent material and her mix of airy and confident vocal delivery will captivate you until the anti-climatic hook. The bridge is the most impressive part of the track and if I had that on loop I think I would be pretty happy. With each listen it slowly grows on me and while the first verse is a bit slow to find its feet it does get better. The only thing is that some people won’t have the same patience that I had so this song may get prematurely skipped. What is impressive is that she’s very early on discovered her sound and sounds confident delivering it. I was half expecting this lead single to be a generic cheesy pop track made for radio, but it’s not. While it may not be the best pop song out at the moment it is a promising introduction to her music.



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