SINGLE REVIEW: Nathaniel – Vapours


From being a finalist on The X Factor Australia to touring with the likes of Mariah Carey and D’Angelo it’s safe to say that Nathaniel is extremely talented. For some reason his debut album was completely under-appreciated and flew under the radar but after taking some time off he has left his major record label and gone independent. “Vapours” is the first taste of what is to come musically, offering a more electronic influenced and experimental sound. His R&B roots are still intact with his smooth and swoon worthy vocals taking lead during the verses. The bridge is where the production really shines with a epic build up that makes the chorus a little anti-climatic. However the song grows on you with each listen and eventually I ended up liking the chorus beat breakdown, but it took a while. His vocals are still as captivating as ever and his falsetto will have you salivating as soon as he hits those high notes. While radio could still pick it up for a spin this song is more directed towards the club market and I never thought I would be saying that in reference to Nathaniel but it works. Is it as impactful as “You”? No. But it’s still a good track.


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