LIVE REVIEW: Broods – The Triffid

Every time Broods hit the road their show gets bolder, stronger, and more engaging. First witnessing them open for Ellie Goulding in 2014 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, the New Zealand sibling duo (Caleb and Georgia Nott) were riding the waves of the success of ‘Bridges’ and ‘Mother & Father’, and were finding themselves playing to large crowds for the first ever time. With the release of their sophomore studio album ‘Conscious’ in 2016 they were playing arenas in America with Ellie Goulding, and a year later played Coachella. And then when it came to album number three ‘Don’t Feed The Pop Monster’ they were playing stadiums opening for Taylor Swift. Continually finding growth as performers, it was always going to be interesting to see their evolution as they stepped into album number four.  

‘Space Island’ is the bands first ever concept album. It was a record of escapism that was created during a time where we all really needed it. When bringing it to life it was important to bring fans into the world of the album and capture the freeing essence in its honest form. Returning to Australia for Groovin The Moo, they played some intimate sideshows where they could connect with fans and celebrate this record euphorically by playing it in its entirety. 

Taking to The Triffid stage in Brisbane, they opened the show with energetic performances of ‘Piece Of My Mind’, ‘Heartbreak’ and ‘Distance And Drugs’ complemented by Georgia’s groovy dance moves. Immediately igniting passionate singalong’s, they were re-assured that the crowd were ready to be transported to the world of ‘Space Island’. Before taking them any further, they looked to the past for ‘L.A.F’, ‘Free’ and a slinky new rendition of ‘Bridges’ before returning to the new record for the show’s standout performance of ‘Like A Woman’. It is already a standalone important song, but when brought into the live space it just became this even bigger moment.

‘Alien’ and ‘Gaslight’ followed before an ethereal cover of Robyn’s ‘With Every Heartbeat’ broke the set up and welcomed a costume change from Georgia. Throughout the whole set, her crowd engagement and powerful dance moves made the intimate show feel like an arena spectacular which was complimented by the LED visuals and epic lighting rig. 

‘I Keep’ and ‘Days Are Passing’ continued the exploration of ‘Space Island’ before they took a moment to celebrate ‘Don’t Feed The Pop Monster’ with ‘Sucker’, ‘Hospitalised’ and ‘Everything Goes (Wow) making the crowd especially excited. Closing out the show with ‘If You Fall In Love’, they quickly returned to the stage for the anthemic ‘Peach’ before properly wrapping up with ‘Goodbye World, ‘Hello Space Island’. 

With this being my eighth time seeing Broods live I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The ‘Conscious Tour’ was a show that in my mind was tough to beat, but with the ‘Space Island Tour’, they really entered a whole new world. They have never sounded tighter as a band, and Georgia’s stage presence is truly mesmerising, while her vocals have got even stronger. Playing a new album in its entirety when you have a noteworthy discography like Broods is a risk, and not all bands can pull it off, but their audience was so receptive and engaged throughout the whole set. The record truly came to life, and is one that deserves to be hard and appreciated in the live space as it sounds and feels so different. 

Rising star ASHWARYA was on opening duties, and while this was her proper support run of dates, you wouldn’t have been able to tell. Opening her set with a stripped version of ‘PSYCHO HOLE’, she turned the energy up and launched straight into ‘COMIN@ME’ and ‘TO THE NIGHT’. Thanking the crowd for coming out early to see her, she quickly got them on her side and had them bouncing along to the unreleased banger ‘UP IN MY HEAD’, which is a hit waiting to be unleashed. For ‘FLARE’ she had the audience waving their phone torches, before teaching them the chorus to her song ‘BIRYANI’ for a singalong moment. Closing out her set with the full version of ‘PSYCHO HOLE’, she showcased why she is a hotly tipped newcomer. Her 30 minute set was unstoppable, and perfectly set the energetic mood that complemented Broods’ euphoric show. 

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Photos by Richard Boltron