SINGLE REVIEW: Ava Max – Maybe You’re The Problem

Ava Max is truly doing it for the girls, the gays, and the they’s with her rapidly building discography of pop perfection. Her debut album ‘Heaven & Hell’ was a bold collection of synth laden pop songs that were infectiously penned and reminded us of the early 2000’s with its carefree attitude. 

Returning with the first single from her forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Maybe You’re The Problem’ is undoubtedly one of her fiercest releases yet. Embodying the sentiment of “it’s not me, it’s you” she takes no prisoners as she lets someone know that they should start pointing their fingers at themselves instead of passing the blame. “But with you, it’s always my fault. And your short fuse, just like a time bomb. And I think you should take a second just to look at your reflection, baby, maybe you’re thе problem” she euphorically sings. 

The confident energy captures the importance of putting yourself first, and not allowing someone to walk all over you. With a pulsating synth-pop production complimenting that messaging, she continues her strong pop positioning with pulsating 80’s synths driving you to the dance floor as the chorus explodes. 

There are too many narcissists in the world, and it’s time we start pointing them out. So maybe we need to all send ‘Maybe You’re The Problem’ to one of the narcissists in our lives and start a little global awakening.