SINGLE REVIEW: Khalid – Skyline 

Khalid’s debut album ‘American Teen’ was a flawless synth-pop meets RNB collection that catapulted him into worldwide stardom. Steering into a heavier RNB direction for his sophomore follow up ‘Free Spirit’, while keeping his toes in the pop world through collaborations, the singer-songwriter headed into arena territory. But there was something that heard him never really grasping onto that euphoria that the debut cemented from the beginning. Well, until now. 

His new single ‘Skyline’ is a bold return to that warm sound that immediately transports you the summer time. The synth-pop meets RNB tones are heavily cemented on this track with a pulsating energy enforcing the carefree attitude. It immediately reminds me of why I fell in love with Khalid’s music in the first place with the groovy guitar riffs, smooth harmonies and slick synths coming together so beautifully. It’s a sound that I hope we get to hear more from Khalid with this forthcoming new music. 

Complementing the warm energy of the song, he lyrically confesses his love for someone with the runaway energy that inhabits you when you think of them. It’s those early stages where you just want to be with them, and only them, and you just want to getaway to have quality time with them. “It’s a Wednesday night and we’re running out of time. Won’t you take my hand, hop into my skyline?” he euphorically sings. And even if you aren’t currently in love, you will feel the euphoric energy throughout your whole body from the moment the song begins.