SINGLE REVIEW: Genes – Crumble 

One thing we’ve learnt over the past three years is that Genes knows how to write a killer pop song. Her growing discography is filled with empowering anthems, sassy lyrics, and a bubblegum pop energy you will be instantly obsessed with. But as she steps into 2022, she’s opening a new chapter with a whole new level of assertive confidence shining through her lyricism and production. 

‘Crumble’ is undisputedly Genes’ strongest track to date. Taking the synth-pop foundations of her past songs, she has layered it with one of her most honest and direct lyrical unravelling’s yet. The romantically penned track is all about the moment you fall for someone. There is this hesitation that meets us all right before we fall in love that is disorientating and a little confusing, and this is the moment that she perfectly captures through a pop filtered lens. “We were dreaming with our eyes open. Right one in the right moment. Deep dive and I couldn’t move. Lean in and I crumble she sings during the pulsating chorus. 

The anthemic production immediately hooks you in with a slight darkness that peers through the glossy pop nature of the track which represents the self-deprecating fear that sinks in before you crumble into someone romantically. Beginning with dreamy pop synths that ooze during the first verse and chorus, she gradually builds into this euphoric burst of colour with the second chorus. Reminiscent of Carly Rae Jepsen and Robyn, this song is pop magic. ‘Crumble’ is a MOMENT for Genes, and if you aren’t already obsessed then you will be.