SINGLE REVIEW: Sigrid feat. Bring Me The Horizon – Bad Life 

I did not have a Sigrid and Bring Me The Horizon collaboration on my 2022 bingo card, but I’m very glad it happened. The Norwegian pop singer-songwriter and the British rock band have joined forces for a mental health anthem, that you will soon become obsessed with. 

‘Bad Life’ is taken from Sigrid’s forthcoming sophomore studio album ‘How To Let Go’ which will finally be released on May 6. The empowering pop-rock song steers Sigrid into a sonic that we haven’t really seen yet, except if you’ve seen her live then you know that her and her band can rock out. Beginning soft and tender with just a piano and her flawless vocals, the song falls into ‘Dynamite’ territory, and if you’re familiar with that song then you’ll prepare yourself to be immediately heartbroken. But then Oli Sykes steps in for his verse and adds a steady drum beat that then ignites a powerful rock inspired chorus that breathes a whole new energy into the song. 

Lyrically the song is a little cliche, but sometimes direct honesty can be cliche. There’s no sugar coating the feelings, and it’s just straight up what it is. “Everyone’s damaged, a little depressed. Every now and then we get that feeling in our chests” she sings during the opening moments of the song as she details the battles we face with depression and anxiety. “When the world is on your shoulders, and the weight of your own heart is too much to bear. Wеll, I know that you’re afraid things will always be this way. It’s just a bad day, not a bad life” she later admits. And the whole sentiment of “It’s just a bad day, not a bad life” is something we all need to remember at one point or another.