SINGLE REVIEW: Tate McRae – Chaotic 

“Growing up is chaotic”… it really is. There is no manual on how to navigate the highs and lows we all individually encounter. Nor is there a right or wrong way to approach the coming of age moments as we all need to make our own mistakes to grow and learn. So basically what I’m trying to say is that we are all on our own, and it’s fucking terrifying. 

With her debut album on the horizon, Tate McRae has excitingly revealed the official third single which hears her returning to her piano ballad roots. ‘Chaotic’ is a song that is all about feeling lost. The sad-girl pop track questions the decisions she’s made, the mistakes she wants to make, the exes she wants to run back to, and the friends she’s lost because she’s unapologetically followed her dreams. “I’m trying my best here to be brutally honest. Nobody said changing would be this exhausting. A foot on the brake ’cause it’s been making me carsick. How could you blame me? Growing up is chaotic” she honestly sings. There’s a lot of thoughts that burst at the seams through this track, which perfectly captures the chaotic feeling she wants to highlight. 

Diving head first into the sadness, the production hears the Canadian singer-songwriter stripping it all back to be all about the lyrics and her vocals. Beginning with just a simple piano accompaniment, the song slowly builds with added strings and dreamy pop production which adds to the dramatic and overwhelming feelings that this song embodies. And once again, she’s delivered a flawless pop song.