SINGLE REIVEW: Hatchie – Lights On

Soaked in rich synths and warm textures, Hatchie’s forthcoming sophomore record ‘Giving The World Away’ will be released on April 22 and hears her gripping onto a new-found confidence. With every single so far, the Australian singer-songwriter has equally captivated listeners with big hooks, heartfelt lyrics, and sublime production. But now she’s unveiled her catchiest hook yet through the anthemic and 90’s inspired ‘Lights On’, which is a hit waiting to be embraced. 

Sonically found somewhere between MUNA and The Corrs, meets a bit of 90’s grunge pop, she perfectly articulates this dreamy soundscape that hits you with a big pop punch. The pulsating hook is intoxicating and addictive with its playful tone giving you this euphoric energy. 

Exploring a secret love affair, she addresses the crossroads of realising you’ve both fallen in love, but acknowledging it might not work out even though no one else has ever made you feel that good. It’s an honest love song that finds its purpose by reminding yourself to live in the moment. “I never felt so good with the lights on. I never understood you were the right one. Cos I can’t stop thinking about your touch, don’t stop, it could never be too much. Fall down, we could get back up” she sings. 

‘Lights On’ is an immaculate pop song that will captivate you immediately, and have you pressing replay over and over again as you dance to that incredible chorus.