SINGLE REVIEW: Omar Apollo – Go Away

As Omar Apollo heads towards putting the final touches on his forthcoming debut album, the singer-songwriter has released one of his most commercially leaning songs yet. ‘Go Away’ is a smooth and captivating RNB-pop track that echoes a similar sound to Dominic Fike and Frank Ocean. The guitar and beat driven track pulsates this steady rhythm that will transport the listener to a highway with the sunroof down and the mid-afternoon sun beaming down on you while your hair blows in the wind. It has a freeing and authentic energy embedded into the production that still feels organic and warm. His soothing and beautiful vocals simmer over the top and immediately has you drawn in and captivated by every word he sings. And don’t even get me started on that falsetto, because I SWOON. 

Reflecting on the way someone can have such an impact on you, he proclaims that he wishes he saw them more and that the distance between them metaphorically was less. It captures the early stages of falling for someone where you just want to spend all your time with them, and get to know them deeper and deeper. “It’s something in the way I feel your skin. I just don’t see you enough. I wish I saw you enough” he beautifully sings. 

‘Go Away’ is a song that upon the very first listen you will know is special. From the pulsating and warm production to the stunning vocal delivery, to the heartfelt lyricism, you will be captivated and ready to have the song on repeat indefinitely.