SINGLE REVIEW: Nina Nesbitt – Summer Fling

In 2019 Nina Nesbitt delivered the vulnerable and introspective record ‘The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change’. The healing body of work was written as a form of therapy, a form of understanding, and a form of reconciliation with herself. From being so candidly honest and raw the record heavily resonated with listeners who needed to feel understood and take solace in not feeling alone. While there were moments of heaviness, the journey also offered a moment of celebration as she reclaimed who she was.

Two years have passed, and the Scottish singer-songwriter is finally ready to begin the next chapter in her story. ‘Summer Fling’ captures the beginning moments of something fresh, exciting and different. It’s a form of escapism in dreaming of being entirely swept up in a moment with someone and being so present in where you are together. “Won’t you give me everything? Love me like a summer fling” she candidly asks her lover. As she unravels the feelings around being free with them she offers vivid imagery that tugs at the sentiment. “Taste like honey with the lips so sweet. Move my body like a dancing queen. Daisy chains all around my neck. Don’t need gold when we shine like this”. 

To compliment the shift in perspective, the production is lighter with saturated 80’s synths transporting you into this dreamy headspace. It has a very relaxed approach sonically that feels ethereal. 

Within the opening moments of the accompanying music video, the words “the sun came up, the seasons changed. And the flowers fell, a fire was lit. She saw the darkness as a gift (it only made her shine brighter). She learnt the heart was a dangerous thing, to give it all, yet gain nothing… Love can appear and in a blink, be gone. Like Autumn steals a summer song” are displayed, and this song truly captures that essence. This is the beginning of that next chapter for her, and with a fresh perspective in the air I’m excited to hear where she sonically takes us because it already feels freeing.