SINGLE REVIEW: Ricki-Lee – Last Night

Throughout her career Ricki-Lee has continued to transparently evolve as an artist. Opening up to listeners about the hardships and heartbreak she’s experienced, she’s also shared the happier moments of falling in love and embracing the importance of equality. 

Taking a moment to reflect on the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Sydney based singer-songwriter realised just how in love she was with her husband after being confined in lockdown with him. Putting pen to paper she wrote an anthem that is all about celebrating that love, and expresses how lucky she feels to be with him not just during this time but every day. 

‘Last Night’ is an apocalyptic pop song that radiates love, and explores that pure infatuation that charges through her veins when she’s around him.

“If this is our last night, I only wanna spend it with you. It feels right, I like it when you do like you do” she sings during the infectious hook. 

Sonically returning to her dance-pop roots, this song feels like the older sister to her third studio album ‘Fear & Freedom’. Saturated in heavy dance-pop beats, she interpolates a 90’s house-pop sonic that gives this song a refreshing nostalgic touch. Also experimenting with vocoder, she provides some light and shadow with different vocal levels. 

Embracing a sense of euphoria, this song makes you want to hit a crowded dance floor immediately, and dance the night away with the person you love standing right next to you.