SINGLE REVIEW: JOJO feat. Chika – Sabotage

JOJO reclaimed her narrative earlier this month when she dropped her introductory comeback track ‘Joanna’ and announced her signing with Warner Bros Records. The bluesy driven RNB track was incredibly stripped back and let her whole heartedly tell her truth. This teaser track was just a little something to hold fans over until the release of the lead single from her upcoming fourth studio album but it’s ended up stealing the spotlight.

‘Sabotage’ is an average at best RNB song, that croons through the verses and chorus with ease but doesn’t really succeed at stealing your attention. At the end of the first listen you aren’t compelled to listen again and instead you will find yourself wanting to press play on ‘Joanna’ as there is a bit more of a sonical hold within that song. 

Lyrically ‘Sabotage’ is quite interesting. Where the problem lies is within the production execution as it flatlines at one melody the whole way through. Then there is a feature verse from rising rapper CHIKA that feels really redundant and completely unnecessary as she doesn’t bring anything impactful to the equation. 

Reflecting on how she’s screwed up relationships in the past, JOJO delivers a raw confessional lyrically that continues the honesty of ‘Joanna’. “Every time I hear them talking bout you, I wonder did I play myself and sabotage love?” she sings during the slight groove of the hook.

The execution of the production is just a little mediocre. It deserved a bigger moment that truly captivated you and instead she just glides through the 3 and a half minute duration and ultimately flies under the radar. 

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