SINGLE REVIEW: Rhys Lewis – Be Your Man

Rhys Lewis is currently on a whirlwind world tour alongside Julia Michaels as he acquaints himself with new listeners and prepares for an upcoming headline tour as well as the release of his debut album. And so far his fanbase is rapidly growing as he continues to impress the sold out crowds on the Julia Michaels tour with his raw vulnerability and sincerity. 

With the new fans discovering his music he’s decided to rearrange one of his early songs with a moody and dramatic new production. ‘Be Your Man’ was a song he released in 2017 in a very stripped back form that allowed his vocals to soar and outline this heartbreaking storyline of unrequited love. 

But in 2019 he’s shifting the production into a dramatic territory. Layering the track with moody aesthetics, strong percussion as well guitar, piano, beats and gospel inspired harmonies, he really brings this song to life. However even though he has layered the production, he doesn’t seem to over-cook it and still delivers the pure emotion and authenticity that this song deserves. 

Reflecting on an unrequited love he had with someone who was still in love with their ex and wasn’t ready to move on deep down, he unravels his emotions. “You got me feeling like I don’t deserve you. And I’m trying to deal with this pain but it kills me cause I know you still love him”. 

It’s quite an emotional song and anyone that has been in an unrequited love situation will be able to relate deeply to the hard feelings. “Tonight you gotta let go of someone cause while you’re holding on on what you had, you’re not giving me a chance to ever really be your man”. 

‘Be Your Man’ is a strong track to introduce himself to listeners with, as it has a similar production styling compared to the likes of Freya Ridings and Dean Lewis, and has a very commercial sense while still being 100% authentic to his artistry. 

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