SINGLE REVIEW: Peking Duk – Fire

Reprisal Art

Peking Duk are currently in the middle of their massive “Wasted” Australian tour that is seeing them impressing crowds all over again with their visual live show which is full of ridiculous energy. To carry on the party vibes the dynamic duo have decided to release another single and this one is bound to ignite their live show even further (pun intended). “Fire” takes their electronic-pop sound they’ve been perfecting over the years and adds some gasoline to give a heavier beat drop. The verses are very much on the same production wave length as their previous pop singles and that is okay because they completely change it up for the chorus to give it that big wow dance moment you wanted. However I am a little disappointed that they haven’t credited the vocalist for this song because this track is really driven by the killer vocal delivery and the way her vocals perfectly melt into the beat drop. Sarah Aaron’s may not be a name you are familiar with but she’s one of the names behind the massive Zedd and Maren Morris track “The Middle” and is the voice you love in the new The Rubens song “Never Ever”. But it just makes me a little annoyed that they haven’t credited her in the title because she is just as much of an instrumental part of this song as the production. But otherwise this song is pure fire (I’m punny, I know) and is going to be a favourite on the charts. They also released another new song “Distant Arizona” (which they credited Cloud Control as the vocals on) and lets just say it’s not as memorable as “Fire” and you can probably safely just have that on repeat instead of this ill fated country-folk cross over. 




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